A Cultural Cartography of a Migratory Bird's Annual Journey

The Paintings

A map of human cultures imagined through the Red Knots' global journey


Each painting in the Cultural Cartography

depicts an aspect of the behavior of Red Knots at a particular location along their migration route. The paintings are arranged geographically, from the northern breeding range, across the migratory route to the non-breeding range in the south. Specific sites and behaviors where Red Knots stop to refuel during migration are also depicted.

The paintings are organized into 5 collections that correspond to each Red Knot subspecies' particular Flyway. Accompanying each painting is a brief text that further describes the bird behavior, along with information about the art and cultural influences referenced in the painting.

All paintings are acrylic paint on paper; 22 x 28 inches (55 x 70 cm) in dimension.

Pacific Flyway: C.c. roselaari
Chukchi Peninsula, Russia and Alaska to Pacific Coast of Mexico

Western Atlantic Flyway: C.c. rufa
Canadian Arctic to Tierra del Fuego

Icelandic Flyway: C.c. islandica
Ellesmere Island and Greenland to Northern Europe

Eastern Atlantic Flyway: C.c. canutus
Arctic Russia to West Coast of Africa

East Asian-Australasian Flyway:
C.c. piersmai and C.c. rogersi
Russian Arctic to Australia and New Zealand